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From a young age, Richard Samuel was drawn to the world of art, beginning with sketches of action figures that soon caught his mother's eye. Her support led to an early introduction to art competitions, where he excelled using soft pastels. Raised in the creatively rich environment of Wimberley, Texas, Richard's artistic journey flourished. During his senior year of high school, he had the privilege of studying under the globally renowned watercolorist Lian Quan Zhen.

Richard's academic pursuits took him to Texas Southern University, where he balanced his artistic studies with a successful stint on the football team. His athletic talent opened doors to a professional football career in Europe, allowing him to immerse himself in diverse cultures across countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Serbia, and more. These travels enriched his artistic perspective, deepening his appreciation for global art and history.

Today, Richard is the visionary founder of RichesArt Gallery, a Black-owned gallery in Austin, Texas. His work is characterized by its vivid, realistic portrayal of subjects, primarily executed in watercolor. Committed to enriching Austin's art scene, Richard focuses on showcasing the contributions of underrepresented artists. His exquisite watercolor paintings are celebrated by private collectors worldwide and are available for purchase at his gallery in Austin, as well as online.

Artist statement

As the founder of RichesArt Gallery and a self-taught watercolor artist hailing from Texas, my life has been anything but ordinary. My journey from a professional football player to an artist has been fueled by diverse global experiences. Football not only took me around the world but also exposed me to a spectrum of art and cultural expressions. These profound interactions have deeply influenced my artistic approach, allowing me to infuse my work with a rich tapestry of influences and perspectives.


My art is a vibrant celebration of Motivation and self-identity, aimed at evoking positive inspiration, nostalgia, and deep emotional responses. At RichesArt Gallery, which stands proudly as a Black-owned gallery in Austin, Texas, my mission extends beyond personal expression. I am committed to diversifying Austin’s art scene, amplifying voices and showcasing the talents of underrepresented communities. Through my gallery, I strive to create a space where art transcends boundaries and where every piece tells a story of empowerment and cultural richness.

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