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Erotic Watercolor series

Freedom + Expression collection


22” x 38”


“Till death gives us Art.” This expression is an extremely layered statement.

Firstly, art is a passion, the driving force to create keeps us artists alive.

Secondly, Art is relative and subjective, therefore no two people can ever

perceive the same piece of art in the same exact ways. I tend to find this duality

intriguing in my muses; I love admiring and capturing all the beauty of a woman

while she too bathes in her confidence and self-love. We are both perceiving her

as divine, and I express it through my strokes and colors while she expresses it

through her movements and facial expressions. It’s a blessing to have had such

intimate acts of creation.


  • Images should be framed, matted , or mounted with acid free products to insure long lasting durability 

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