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Erotic Watercolor series

Freedom + Expression collection


16” x 20”


Our society is so fixated on fitting individuals into convenient labels that it

ultimately ends up damaging a lot of people’s self-confidence and willingness to

express themselves. It’s understandable that it can be increasingly difficult to feel

embraced in your authenticity when the media is filled with photoshopped images

and edited interactions. The pressure of perfection is toxic, which makes

embracing imperfection the most rebellious and beautiful choice a human can

make in this age of impossible expectations. This painting is for all the people

who fight back against these limitations of identity and know they’re worthy of

being loved simply for being alive and discovering themselves. No one should

have to fit into anyone else’s blueprint of “perfect”.


  • Images should be framed, matted , or mounted with acid free products to insure long lasting durability 

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