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Erotic Watercolor series

Freedom + Expression collection

Dinner is Served

16” x 20”


This painting captures a story that is forever etched in my mind. I'm on my way to

her house for dinner, it's been a long day and I'm tired of the predictability of the

world. The one thing I was looking forward to was seeing her, and as she opened

the door, my mouth dropped to the floor. I can still picture how her skin was

glistening under the delicately wrapped black lingerie she was wearing. She

looked incredible, and she knew it. Her hair was wild, her eyeshadow as dark as

the night sky, and her confident stare gave me chills like I’d never experienced.

There was no words to be said; I picked her up and sat her on the counter behind

her. I thought to myself, “Fuck dinner, I want you.” Then she whispered in my ear,

“Dinner is served”. I’ll never forget how we dined on each other.

Dinner is Served

  • Images should be framed, matted , or mounted with acid free products to insure long lasting durability 

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