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Erotic Watercolor series

Freedom + Expression collection

Phantom of the Opera

16” x 20”


Passion, intrigue, and romance. These are the connecting themes between the

title and the painting, but it goes much deeper than that. The story of The

Phantom of the Opera so deeply encapsulates the mixed feelings of a tangled

love and the thrills that come with all that mystery. Role playing offers us a similar

escape, to be able to both give up and assume control, to trust and be trusted, to

risk for reward. Through sharing different levels of power and play, new heights of

fantasy can be reached. It’s not just about playing dress up - you learn to

communicate clearly and kindly, you gain new levels of respect and arousal, and

you learn more about yourself and each other. Kinks can untie the knots..

Phantom of the Opera

  • Images should be framed, matted , or mounted with acid free products to insure long lasting durability 

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