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Erotic Watercolor series

Freedom + Expression collection


16” x 20”

You really never know what you enjoy until you let yourself have the freedom to explore your attractions. It is always interesting how a kink or body part could be completely out of the question for someone, but given the right person and environment suddenly no kink feels too much and no body part is unappealing. Your inhibitions fly out the window as you wish to touch and taste each and every cell of this other being in a whirlwind of curiosity, lust, and exploration. The entire experience becomes an experiment of ecstasy and excitement once the insecurities

and judgments get left behind. Getting to know yourself and your partner can be a delicious and decadent endeavor as you allow pleasure to guide your mutual presence.


  • Images should be framed, matted , or mounted with acid free products to insure long lasting durability 

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